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I’ve worked in the advertising industry for over a decade. I’ve been an artist my entire life. I’m a New Yorker by birth, New Zealander by choice. I love ideas, and get the ultimate rush from … → May 22, 2015

Citizen 01

Citizen App

Voter participation in New Zealand is on a steady decline, and the population is becoming disinterested and numb to the workings of …

Peroni helmet _054

Peroni helmets

Every year Peroni hosts a gathering of their brand ambassadors to thank them for their help throughout the year. This year the …


Jaguar XF

This was a website I art directed and designed for Jaguar. They were promoting their XF range in New Zealand. We gave …



Microsoft was running a contest aimed at IT professionals to reboot their server room. The idea was that with cloud hosting, server …

Vodafone Do Your Thing Better

Vodafone Do Your Thing Better

Vodafone was starting to struggle in New Zealand. They were losing the price war to upstart 2°, and Telecom beat them to …


Karicare Made with Love

Karicare is a leading brand of infant and toddler formula in New Zealand. In 2013 there was a botulism scare in the …

DraftFCB Ad

DraftFCB Ad

In October 2012, the New Zealand Herald downsized from broadsheet to tabloid – the first time it’s changed in 150 years. To …

Score Surfing New Zealand - Bruce Doscher

Score Surfing

I designed/illustrated this series of posters for a premier surf travel company, Score Surfing. The art direction was inspired by classic Art …