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Orcon Genius

Orcon Genius

Orcon was launching a new product, the Genius. We orchestrated an extensive integrated campaign announcing the launch. I was responsible for the …

Q Card TVC

Q Card

A charming TV spot we did for Q Card. Q Card is a local New Zealand finance company (a branch of Fischer …

US Census

US Census

The US Census campaign was a massive project. We had to reach every American, with the focus was hard-to-reach segments that historically …

Guns Equal Prison

Guns = Prison

Good communication shows, it doesn’t tell. This rich media overlay did exactly that — it showed what would happen if you were caught …

Above The Influence - Listen to Your Heart

Above The Influence

Above The Influence is the teen anti-drug campaign in The States. For this campaign we targeted sites where teens would be downloading …

Motorola Hipster Tips

Hipster Tips

This interactive campaign was custom tailored to a show called “The Burg” that poked fun at Williamsburg hipsters. As the episode played, …