Datacom is a massive IT company in Asia-Pacific with over $1.2B yearly revenue. While their offering is innovative, their brand was extremely conservative. It was my goal to nudge them into a more modern place, and to convince them that established should not equal uninspired.

It took years of baby steps, but we did move the needle. When we took on the brand, their aesthetic was 1990’s techie stock art. It wasn’t pretty. Server rooms and cables, zeros and ones. They’re a technically minded group, and were used to selling their offering as a bulleted list of technical specs. It took time, but they did eventually come around to the idea that their real offering was in how they made their customer’s lives better, and in many cases it was their customer’s customer’s. We focused on the human side of the business instead of the technical, and strengthened their brand considerably.

I created their brand guidelines, excerpts can be seen below. As part of these guidelines, I created a design system for them, to give the brand a uniform look and structure.