Farmlands Tech

Farmlands is one of New Zealand’s largest cooperatives. The world of farming has changed considerably since they were founded over 50 years ago. Farming is extremely high-tech.

At their annual technology summit, I was asked to visualise some of the tech Farmlands is currently employing. We wanted to show off the very real benefits to their shareholders.

Things like micro-forecasting weather, animal health record-keeping, GPS tracking, DNA testing, soil mapping, are amongst the many technology offerings. By taking advantage of this technology, New Zealand’s farmers not only operate more productive, sustainable farms, but they can charge premium prices for the highest quality products. The world-wide demand for high quality food, certified organic food, and food with traceable inputs is extremely high, and only increasing. New Zealand’s farmers, with the help of Farmlands, are happy to meet it.

This info-graphic animation was the keynote presentation delivered by CEO, Peter Reidie. I art directed, illustrated, and animated this work.