I Am Hope

I Am Hope is Mike King’s charitable foundation. He has traveled New Zealand top-to-bottom talking about mental health, and breaking down the taboos surrounding it. New Zealand has a very high youth suicide rate, and I Am Hope aims to directly address this by giving young people real tools to help friends, whānau, and themselves in times of crisis. Funds raised through this charity go towards providing free counseling to anyone who needs it. Mike was recognised as New Zealander of the Year in 2019 for his efforts.

I was fortunate to have been tapped to help refresh this brand. My challenge was to give the brand a fresh youthful look that was anchored in design strong enough to have longevity. It had to be fun and positive, yet also staunch enough to shoulder the weight of some serious subject matter.

One of their first major initiatives, Gum Boot Friday was a massive success gaining support from every corner of New Zealand.