Peroni Helmets

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Every year Peroni hosts a gathering of their brand ambassadors to thank them for their help throughout the year. This year the event included a tour of Waiheke Island on Vespa scooters, followed by a lunch at an Italian owned vineyard.

I was commissioned to design and paint customized helmets for each of the dozen ambassadors, this would be a gift they would keep. The only catch was the event was a surprise, so when meeting with each of the ambassadors, I couldn’t tell them about the helmet. I interviewed¬†each person for about an hour, asking questions to try to get a good sense of their personality and style.

With that information I came up with sketches and a put together digital prototype. From there I crafted the final design onto the helmet via airbrush.

This was a great project as it was very out of the ordinary for me. I got to use some old-school techniques, and meet some interesting, influential people. The helmets were a success in that all of the recipients thoroughly enjoyed their unique gift, and Peroni came away looking like the premium brand they are.
Peroni Helmets - Bruce Doscher

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